06:00 AM
Bindasss Breakfast
with Vicky and Prince
1:00 PM
Dil Maange More
with Sanchari
16 Jul 2018
Bindasss Breakfast
6 - 11 AM
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Bindasss Breakfast

Vicky and Prince are what Laurel and Hardy, Tom and Jerry, Jai and Veeru and Karan and Arjun would have aspired to be. They are perhaps the best opening partnership in the world; a partnership that ‘opens’ the day by serving you the perfect breakfast made with the prefect ingredients – Humour, Entertainment, News and a dash of interesting contests ! This Jodi has the most consistent entertainment average and a lethal strike rate. Their jokes can strike you even when you expect it, because no amount of preparation can make you immune to their sarcasm and madness. Such is their chemistry that the Queen of England once offered them to be a part of her court! (Just Kidding. This line came from Prince who always thought that his ‘royal’ sounding name shall make it easier for him to walk among the royals).

Show Segments 


Since ages, racking your brains by solving the crossword on the newspaper has been one of the favourite pastimes every morning. How about solving it with UAE’s most Bindasss RJs and winning exciting prizes too? that’s exactly what the segment is about.

Birthday Prank

Veda Vicky and Pagal Prince are known for their flawless imitation skills. Just before wishing the listener on his birthday and celebrating his birthday on air, the crazy duo effortlessly imitates officials, actors, or a nosy neighbor to prank an unsuspecting listener to deliver the perfect punch early in the morning which is more effective than birthday bumps.

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