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Bindasss Breakfast
with Vicky
26 Jun 2019
Bindasss Breakfast
6 - 10 AM
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  • Route 1024
Bindasss Breakfast

Vicky works as the best wake-me-up chirpiness one needs in the morning. An award-winning RJ, he is serving you the perfect breakfast made with the prefect ingredients – Humor, Entertainment, News and a dash of interesting contests !

With the most consistent entertainment average and a lethal strike rate, his jokes can strike you even when you don’t expect it, because no amount of preparation can make you immune to his sarcasm and madness.

Show Segments 


Since ages, racking your brains by solving the crossword on the newspaper has been one of the favourite pastimes every morning. How about solving Crosswords with UAE’s most Bindasss RJ and winning exciting prizes too?  That’s exactly what the segment is about.

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Next to Byblos Hotel
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Kish Bandopadhyay - Executive Director
Brij Bhalla - CEO